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Magus gesture launcher allows custom actions based on phone movement

Magus Free optionsHave you ever wanted to take a picture without having to unlock your phone, open the camera app, and press to snap the photo? Well, Magus gesture launcher allows you to associate most any phone movement with an application or action.

While the innocuous snapping of the camera or recording of a conversation may be kind of creepy, and in some cases illegal, the uses are not limited to unannounced recording. The way Magus works is you define multiple phone states. An example is “front face up, right side up, front face up, right side up” to take a picture, or you can launch email by rolling your phone with “front up, right up, bottom side up, left up.”

The list of actions you can execute include:  Recording voice, composing an email, taking a photo, running a chosen application, music controls, locking and unlocking the device, dialing a number, turning the LED lamp on and off, and many many more. However, the free version of the application is severely limited in what it can do. You won’t be able to take a picture or record audio or anything sneaky. As far as I can tell the free version exists solely so so you can play with it and see that the application is going to work for your phone, as not every device will smoothly work with it.

Also, you should check your local laws regarding unannounced audio recording or photography as that could get you in hot water in your area.

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The only thing I found lacking about Magus is that there are no options for on-screen gestures or hardware buttons included in the trigger combos. So no phone flips followed by drawing a circle on the screen to launch Ingress or Angry Birds.

You can try Magus for free at the link below. The full version of the application can be purchased here for $0.99.

Download: Google Play

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