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Sense 5 for the HTC EVO 4G LTE pretty much done

Sense 5 for the HTC EVO 4G LTEWe have covered a bit about Sense 5 for the HTC EVO 4G LTE at the start of the working ports, and now there are three developers who have pretty much completed builds available.

The main difference between the EVO 4G LTE version of Sense 5 and the HTC One version on which it’s based seems to be Zoe mode – namely, it does not work correctly yet on the EVO, and the base Android operating system (4.1.2) is older than what is current with the HTC One.

The previous problems with the Bluetooth stereo profiles seems to have been corrected with Captain_Throwback‘s R17, although if you want to be on a ROM with Zoe mode development, yankees2450‘s version is where that’s happening. Having played with Zoe mode a couple of times on the One, it’s not anything I would hold my breath for. It will be nice when it works, and it appears it may be on the verge of working based on what I saw in Yankee’s thread and what it recorded when I was running Y3 (it looks like it’s capturing image data, just munging it up). For now, however the standard Sense camera works.

There are some hiccups occasionally in all of these with the dialer showing some Chinese text occasionally, but it’s nothing that can’t be ignored. I believe it’s a notice for when you last called the person, but I am not totally sure.

Battery life seems good across the board. Benchmarks are in the 6500 range on Quadrant for all of them, with minor variations that I’m not paranoid enough about to run sixty benchmarks to iron out. Of course there’s also the original porter/developer sun_dream’s Sense 5 version, which all this was initially based on and seems to be updated every couple of days.

So if you’ve been waiting for a reason to flash, there’s probably none left. I’ll point out I’ve had a couple of install issues with yankees2450, but I managed to fix that here. Whether that was his ROM installer or randomness from a previous ROM, I don’t know.

The only drawback to being on these Sense 5 ROMs is the older version of Android Jelly Bean, but honestly with all the Google apps back porting to older devices, I’m really not having a problem with. At this point, for what I do, the OS version has just become a number. However, there’s also a 4.2.2 port a few days in the works supposedly already.


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