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Sprint and Best Buy offer students one year of free service

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If you’re a student shopping for new cell service, Sprint and Best Buy have a deal with you: the two have teamed up to offer unlimited talk, text and 1GB of data for free for one year – that normally costs $70/month. Additionally, if you want to add unlimited data, you can do so for only $10/month, and you’ll also be guaranteed unlimited data for life.

Unlimited talk and text with no data is also available for feature phones; this would normally cost $50/month. To sweeten the deal, Sprint says that – in addition  to college students – this plan is available to any US-based active student currently enrolled in elementary, middle, or high school.

But be careful: although this initially seems like a great deal, students must also purchase their phones at the “Student Activated Price,” which is simply code for “unsubsidized.” A full list of eligible devices and their prices is available at the source link below – both the HTC EVO 4G LTE and the HTC One are currently going for a full $599.99, and the 16GB Google Nexus 5 is $449.98. iPhones range from $450-$849, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is $749.99.

In other words, do the math: If you bought the most expensive iPhone, you’re still paying the equivalent of $70.75 (or $80.75 if you add unlimited data) per month. It’s easy to find the EVO 4G LTE for free on contract, since it’s over a year old, so if you went this route you’d only save $20/month, not $70. While some savings definitely exist here, you won’t save quite as much as what Sprint wants you to think.

But still, a deal’s a deal. Are any of you planning on taking advantage of this?

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