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Chromecast Eureka-ROM 1.1 released

ChromecastIf you’ve got a rooted Chromecast and have been wondering what to do with it (as there was not really all that much you could), Team Eureka has a new ROM for you to try out based on the 14975 OTA stock image. For users of PwnedCast, this appears to be the next step of the ROM’s evolution.

The ROM allows for custom whitelisting, which allows you to whitelist any app that you want without waiting for Google to do it; it gives you a web based control panel and the options to get OTA updates for the ROM; and it gives you a few more options such as SSH/ADB access.

What the custom whitelisting allows you to do is play with some of the applications in the Play Store that are not Chromecast garden-approved, without jumping through the Google Developer whitelisting hoops. What this should mean is that some of the old streaming applications that made the Chromecast work like we all expected it would when we purchased it are actually able to work again.

While the hope is Google will release the development SDK soon and allow everyone to play with the Chromecast as they see fit, for now it appears your options are to get one of the kludges that require you to pay, or to employ a rooting technique (which sadly there are few and only work on older Chromecast firmware), and install a custom ROM on your dongle.

As with all Chromecast updates, installs, etc., you’ll need a powered USB OTG cable, a USB thumb drive, and nerves of steel. Alternately, you can use a powered USB hub and some creative wiring, and just not care overmuch, and you’ll accomplish the task the same.

The download comes in at around 100MB and takes about 10 minutes to flash if everything’s working properly. So start it, walk away, and return to a more usable device.

Have fun!

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