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Deal alert: Pebble Smartwatch $120, $90 for students


The smartwatch category hasn’t really taken off how it might have, but that doesn’t mean the fundamental concept of a connected watch is bad. In fact, smartwatches have some novel uses, but their high price has essentially kept them out of the hands (off of the wrists?) of most users.

Still, the Pebble is probably the best of the current lot of smartwatches, and the company behind it is focusing on timely and feature rich updates. That means that even though new watches may be demoed at CES in just a month, the original Pebble probably won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

All this is to say that finally, the Pebble has reached what may be a reasonable price for the average consumer, as Best Buy is selling the watch for $30 off at $120. More importantly, Best Buy is also offering a discount for students (read: anyone with a .edu email address), which brings the price down to $90, or $95.39 with tax and free shipping or store pickup.

Now, this certainly isn’t dirt cheap, and the Pebble is still an investment, but compared to the good looking but bloated and expensive Galaxy Gear at $300, it certainly looks like a viable option. In addition, it doesn’t look like the student discount will expire until February, so there is a little bit of time to make a decision on the usefulness of a watch like the Pebble.

It isn’t a must have, but the Pebble at a $90 price point is a much easier sell than $150, and would potentially make a good gift for a smartphone power user or, of course, yourself.

[Best Buy via Android Police]
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