Get ready for T-Mobile’s Uncarrier 4.0 – but what could it be?


To hell with the Sprint merger rumors! T-Mobile is apparently getting ready for another UNcarrier phase, with its CEO John Legere tweeting the following this morning:

The fourth phase of T-Mobile’s UNcarrer campaign will obviously yet again address another customer pain point, but which one? T-Mobile has already eliminated contracts, introduced the JUMP! program that allows customers to upgrade whenever they want, is well ahead of its initial LTE rollout schedule, and eliminated excessive international roaming charges. What else is left?

I previously made a T-Mobile wishlist, and some of my wishes have yet to be realized:

  • The elimination of EDGE/GPRS-only coverage areas.
  • WiFi calling for all Android phones, including the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5.
  • Bundle all taxes and fees into the regular monthly rates, so consumers don’t get bill shock. (MetroPCS already does this.)

I have to wonder about the “#Randall” – Legere just doesn’t get tired of poking fun at AT&T, does he?

What would you like to see from T-Mobile’s UNcarrier phase 4?

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2 thoughts on “Get ready for T-Mobile’s Uncarrier 4.0 – but what could it be?

  • Please get some data coverage outside a city! Please!

    Every TMobile smartphone gets “dumb” real fast as you leave town.

    • Avatar of Calob Horton

      I agree with this. I don’t live in a T-Mobile coverage area (thank goodness for roaming!) so it would be incredible if Uncarrier 4.0 was rapid expansion of its LTE network outside of major cities.


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