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Jabra SPORT Wireless+ Bluetooth headset review

Back in July I reviewed the predecessor to the Jabra SPORT Wireless+ (simply called the Jabra SPORT), and in the meantime Jabra came out with a newer version of its exercise-friendly headset that I’ve just had a chance to lay my ears on.

One cleaning Jabra photoThe Jabra SPORT and the SPORT Wireless+ are headsets that, besides being your standard Bluetooth headset/music playing combo, also feature an FM radio that requires no pairing with a device to use. They’re pretty much perfect for jogging or working out, as they stay in place and deliver a reasonable playtime.

You might want to go and read the SPORT  review, as the difference in performance, look, and specs between the SPORT and the SPORT Wireless+ are all that I’m going to highlight here, as functionally they’re pretty identical.

The Jabra comparison site doesn’t help clear things up as to which is the best SPORT, since most of the information for the Wireless+ is simply missing, even though it’s their featured product in the sports section. If you told me that they were the same product with a different set of ear gels, I would have believed it initially.

After some digging, here are the differences I’ve managed to find between the SPORT and the SPORT Wireless+ (some are comparing using a spec sheet I was emailed, which contains some minor differences than shipped product).

SPORT Wireless+ bottom, SPORT topSPORT Wireless+ left, SPORT right

(Above left picture) Jabra SPORT top, SW+ bottom. (Right picture) SW+ left

  • SW+ has six gel options, SPORT has three
  • SW+ gels are yellow, SPORT gels are gray
  • SW+ cable color is black, SPORT yellow
  • SW+ has a small clip to tie up the slack
  • SW+ has talk time listed as four hours on website and spec sheet but 4.5 on the box (4.5 is the same as the SPORT)
  • SW+ has one more day of standby time (5 days)
  • SW+ lists WiFi phones as an option it can connect to
  • SW+ lists four hours streaming, which is 30 more minutes than the SPORT
  • SW+ and the SPORT lists military grade rain, dust and shock protection (US MIL-STD-810G), IP54.
  • SW+ comes with a USB charge cable, SPORT came with a complete wall charger
  • SW+ Microphone is 4 mm omnidirectional mic. The Jabra SPORT had a 6mm
  • SW+ is 1 gram heavier
  • SW+ supports Bluetooth Headset profile v1.2 , handsfree profile v1.6, A2DP v1.2, AVRCP v1.4. The SPORT lists these but not the revision.
  • SW+ supports EDR (2EV3), SCO (HV1, HV2, HV3), eSCO (EV3), sniff mode, secure pairing mode. The SPORT only lists +EDR, eSCO
  • SW+ is $22 more on Amazon

 Jabra SPORT Wireless+ box contents

Jabra SPORT Wireless+ box contents

  • Six kinds of ear gels
  • Pouch for carrying
  • Fit clip (ties the slack back)
  • USB charge cable (box lists “USB Charger,” but all that I have is a cable and that’s all that’s on my spec sheet)
  • Guides and software info
  • Jabra SPORT Wireless+ headphones

Jabra SPORT Wireless+ vs the Jabra SPORT

In my testing, as far as I can tell, the only difference between the SPORT and the SPORT Wireless+ is that the call quality seems slightly improved (a different microphone is listed), and the fitting options are quite a bit better with the multiple ear gels and the addition of a clip to secure the loose cable.

Both versions of the headset allow pairing up to eight devices with two connected at any given time, which is something I missed mentioning in the previous review.

Jabra SPORT Wireless+Jabra SPORT Wireless+


I’m slightly more impressed by the SPORT Wireless+ than I was by the SPORT. I think if I were a serious athlete, I’d have to choose the SPORT Wireless+ just for the fit. However, I do not think I would pay an additional $20 for some ear gels, a few Bluetooth profiles, and a better microphone, as I don’t plan on taking and making too many calls while I’m working out.

The Jabra SPORT Wireless+ is available from Amazon for $79.99


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