ROM Picks: Villuminati Android 4.4.1/CyanogenMod 11 for the HTC EVO 3D

Villuminati home screenVilluminati is an Android 4.4.1 KitKat-based ROM built off of CyanogenMod source for the HTC EVO 3D – and it is perhaps the smoothest that my EVO 3D has run since the overclocked Ice Cream Sandwich-based ROMs.

It’s also the most work I’ve ever had to go through to install a ROM –  although some of that comes from having a stock unrooted EVO 3D to work with at the time, and the requirements that you be S-OFF and running an older HBOOT in order to boot the thing. I eventually settled on 1.04 ENG HBOOT after getting errors without it.

Before you begin, not everything works on this ROM at the moment according to the developer. 4G/WiMAX is not working (I can’t test due to this EVO 3D not being activated), and the GAPPS package they recommend force closed constantly on me. I eventually used this GAPPS package, and the ROM functioned fine. Additionally, whatever bugs CyanogenMod 11 has, you’re also going to inherit.

The ROM doesn’t scream through things, and you’ll find some oddness in places, but it’s exceptionally smooth in what I was playing with. I can’t really comment on it as a primary ROM, but for tooling around on a deactivated device, it did everything I wanted it to. It’s certainly worth a look if you’re wanting to breathe some new life into your old EVO 3D, or holding out for whatever the next big device is.

Having not played around with CM11 much yet, I can’t tell what’s been done to this ROM that’s different than stock CM. (I guess I should get on to flashing a CM11 base soon and see.) This ROM is pretty fun though.

Before you begin, you’ll need TWRP or higher for KitKat support, according to the development thread. You’ll need an HBOOT that’s not 1.58, which means you’ll have to be S-OFF unless you rooted long enough ago (I went with the livecd/ option. I then used the ENG HBOOT here.). Additionally you’ll need a GAPPS package; I suggest the one I linked above, as the others did not work for me.


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