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ROM Picks: Yankee’s Y8 Sense 5 port for the HTC EVO 4G LTE

Modified app drawerYankee’s Y8 is a Sense 5 port that for the HTC EVO 4G LTE that brings some new and interesting mods over the current stock Sense 5 ports that have been developed over the past few months.

A couple of the interesting and new features include the ability to do a five by six app drawer, and the Viper4Android FX audio mods.

The app drawer mod is something I’ve been wanting since I first set my eyes on a Sense 5 port, and the audio mods I’m betting make it sound much better (unfortunately my headsets are both dead at the moment).

Yankee’s Y8 brings along the same issues I had with it before, although I’m not sure if they are my phone or caused by the ROM I used to be on. Those problems involve post-fresh install the data partition being unmountable and the ROM continually requiring a password in order to decrypt the contents. Of course, you never set this password up so there is none.

Judging by the thread comments, I may be one of the five people on the planet who have this issue, but I wrote a bit about how to fix that here. The TL;DR version of that piece is go into recovery, go to advanced wipe, wipe data, and problem solved.

As far as I can tell with my install, there are two issues with the ROM other than the install in comparing this with my wife’s HTC One. These are that Zoe mode doesn’t work, which doesn’t matter to me, and that Google Wallet refuses to ever properly activate for tap-to-pay, even though there’s a mention that it’s fixed.

Considering I don’t like Zoe, and there are two places that actually accept Google Wallet where I live, none of these are particularly insurmountable obstacles.

After a day of running on the thing, it’s felt slightly more stable and usable than other versions I’ve been able to try. So it’s probably a keeper for the holidays. I’m certainly digging this ROM.

Yankee's Y8 Sense 5 ROM screenshotsYankee's Y8 Sense 5 ROM screenshotsYankee's Y8 Sense 5 ROM screenshotsYankee's Y8 Sense 5 ROM screenshotsYankee's Y8 Sense 5 ROM screenshotsYankee's Y8 Sense 5 ROM screenshotsYankee's Y8 Sense 5 ROM screenshots

Supposedly the D.I.R.T.Y. MAC kernel works well with this, but due to limited internet and outdated links, I can’t seem to locate a download for it.

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