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Hide your root status from root-aware apps with RootCloak

RootCloak Xposed module config page. Also first post of the new year... yayRootCloak is an Xposed framework mod which allows you to hide the fact that you’re running a rooted device from apps that check for root. You might want to use this if you’re dealing with video applications that don’t play on rooted devices, banking applications, or anything else  that theoretically enforces enterprise-level security.

Previously, if you had an application that would not function on a rooted phone, the only way to run the program was to get a patched version of the application, or temporarily unroot the phone in order to run. This usually was a pain in the butt to do for one single application, as once you unroot that’s a global action and nothing root can gain access.

With RootCloak, you can choose which application you want to hide root from, and using a variety of methods it will disguise your phone as a non-rooted stock Android device. To the application that’s being fooled, Superuser doesn’t exist on the device, nor do most traces of root activity.

For most apps, it should hide all traces, although there are some instances in which an application might be able to figure it out.

The current applications that are blissfully unaware that root exists when using this mod that the author has tested so far include: DME Mail, Fox Digital Copy, DirecTV GenieGo, Best Buy CinimaNow, Worx Home by Citrix, Movies by Flixster, and many others.

If you’re interested in trying this out, you’ll need to install the Xposed framework first, reboot, install the mod in the linked thread below, enable it, and reboot once again. After that, it’s a simple setup to add applications to the mod to make them think the phone is stock.

May your new year’s root hassle be significantly less with this mod, and happy New Year!

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