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John’s highlights (and lowlights) of CES 2014

As you may or may not know, CES 2014 was not only my first CES experience, but my first Vegas experience, too. I had a blast, saw a lot of really awesome new things, and a few not-so-awesome things, as well.

I thought it would be fun to put together a brief summary of my trip in pictures and videos, so without further ado, here are my highlights and lowlights of CES 2014.


Discovering that there really are slot machines in the airport terminals of Vegas.

CES 2014 1

This truck that conveniently drove by right as I snapped this picture on the Las Vegas strip.

CES 2014 3

This SanDisk ice bar at PepCom. (If you poked itwith your finger long enough, you could make small indents.)

CES 2014 4

The Huawei Ascend Mate II – the phone with a battery so big, you can actually use it to charge other devices.

CES 2014 5

This Toyota i-Road concept car. (I may be going a bit off topic for Pocketables here, but this car is so small – it’s almost pocketable, right?)

This guy, painting a mural on a bunch of phone and tablet cases. (This was part of the Paper Nomad booth.)

CES 2014 8

Chromebooks were few and far between – but they were there, if you were looking for them. Props to Toshiba for using CES to unveil its latest Chrome OS device.

CES 2014 9

…because 4k TVs are so yesterday.

CES 2014 10

It’s a bird … it’s a plane … actually, it’s a drone. And it’s cool, because everyone likes things that can fly.

This robot could also sing, “The hills are alive with the sound of music.” …because robots that looks vaguely human and can sing are also just cool.

The dessert table.

CES 2014 12

This T-shirt, which was packaged in a way I’ve never seen a T-shirt packaged before. I got it from Ballistic, after experiencing a day in the life of a cell phone – an augmented reality demo that was kind of cheesy, but cool because I got this T-shirt afterwards.

CES 2014 13

CES 2014 14

This guy’s T-shirt outside the T-Mobile press conference: “I just wanted to hear Macklemore.” It’s worth noting that he was wearing this shirt only 24 hours after John Legere got kicked out of AT&T’s after party.

CES 2014 15


Waiting in this line to get my CES press badge.

CES 2014 2

Seriously, who thought it was a good idea to park a Dish van in the middle of a press conference? Good luck trying to see anything if you happened to get stuck behind it (like me).

CES 2014 6

The line for the Samsung press conference – yep, the same one with the Michael Bay fail.

CES 2014 7

Is this company seriously bragging about the fact that its Android tablet only runs 3G … and Edge? It’s 2014, people.

CES 2014 11

Coming back to this after CES – and getting stuck in the parking lot as I try to drive home.

CES 2014 16

I guess that when it comes down to it, I have many more highlights than lowlights – and that’s a good thing. I had an absolute blast at CES, and can’t wait to go again.

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