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MinMinGuard Xposed framework module patches ad holes

MinMinGuard screenMinMinGuard is an Xposed framework module that allows you to choose an individual application or group of applications, and remove advertising from them. Unlike traditional ad blockers, this does not remove advertising across the board in every application and web browser, and it also removes the blank space in which the ad was from displaying an empty unloaded banner. Usually, when there’s an advertisement blocked, there’s a sad empty place where the love just disappears on your screen.

I generally stray from applications that deny developers ad revenue, but there are legitimate reasons to occasionally block advertising sometimes such as:

  • Extremely low internet speed.
  • Bad batch of advertising because you’re associated with the network you’re connected to.
  • Your battery is extremely low and you’re attempting to not spend 20% of your running juice to download and display advertising you’re not going to click.
  • You have a kid you’re handing your phone to and want to make sure that the app they’re in won’t break out accidentally due to advertising popping into where they might touch.
  • You’re simply a cheap bastard with no qualms about taking something that was free to you and denying the little profit an Android developer might get off of advertising.
  • You need more screen space to see what you’re doing in game.
  • App keeps locking up in advertising.

I currently have one app banned from displaying ads, and that’s because of the lockups I experience after getting the occasional full screen video at full audio blasting one out of 15 times after I’ve made a move. Nothing beats the thrill of being advertised to by cleaning products at full volume when you’re connected to an external speaker playing music to knock your baby out (and the game is set to mute).

MinMinGuard doesn’t work with every form of advertising, but it does work with a wide list of advertising APIs that are commonly used. It’s also extremely simple to turn it on and off for an app, with no reboots required except on the initial install of MinMinGuard.

If you’re planning on using it, you’ll need to be rooted, install the Xposed framework, and you can grab MinMinGuard from the downloads section of the Xposed installer, or you can check out the development thread at the link below.

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