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Paul’s CES 2014 wow list

While I only had a limited time at the International Consumer Electronics Showcase, and there was no way to see everything, here are some of the things that intrigued me most. Of course, it’s not a complete list due to still sorting through thousands of photos and hundreds of business cards, and several open bars, but here’s what I remember.

Fitness monitors

Several companies have come out with new models that not only monitor you but control your every action. OK, not really, but they’ll let you know when you need to get up and wander around for a minute so your metabolism doesn’t slow down. Evidently sitting still for too long is the new smoking, I’m told. After looking at several different offerings from various companies, we’ve got some pretty awesome ability to monitor ourselves and gamify exercise, which is what people who get bored during exercise have been in need of for a long time in my opinion.

Fitness monitors are not where I want them to be yet, but I’d imagine in about six months they will be. As a note, they come in watches, headbands, neck bands, arm bands, and under-bra clip on these days, so options are expanding.

Portable charging cases

ProngSo, I’m not talking about the several we’ve reviewed. I’m talking about an almost all-in-one solution like the Prong , which is a protective case and a charger that plugs into a wall. No more bringing a charger and cable. Now, the Prong doesn’t have a battery built in as well, and looks like it’s only for the iPhone at the moment, but this is a great step toward charging anywhere. As a sidenote, I did find an all-in-one that wasn’t a full case but beats me where that is in my stack of press kits at the moment.

While things like the ChargeKey require a computer, or USB adapter, this skips that requirement and plugs right into the wall.

More screen space

The Super Phablet - ok, not really, it's a Lenovo desktop modelOne of the big trends this year is more screen space to less body. The Huawei Ascend Mate II is coming out with the most screen to body ratio, and manufacturers are embracing techniques to minimize the body to screen ratio, which means your cell phone can have a bigger display with roughly the same footprint.

No need to get a super phablet just to go one size up.

Green transportation technology

Green Driving techSeveral car manufactures seem to have gotten the balance this year between performance and conservation. Currently electric cars still mean that coal is being burned elsewhere to produce the electricity, and when your batteries go out you’re looking at basically the cost of the cars to replace them. It appears that’s being addressed this year. Then again, I’d have expected this to be solved back in the 90’s, so who knows.

A Formula-E racing car was also introduced at CES 2014, which I believe was the world’s first 150mph+ racing vehicle for a new class of vehicle/race, but due to bad directions to the event I managed to miss some of the speech. Perhaps with the adoption of some of the alternate passive energy collection methods (solar, wind, water), we can actually have a somewhat green vehicle post manufacturing.

Reverse charging

Huawei Ascend Mate 2 reverse chargingHuawei Ascend is coming out with a thing called reverse charging. Basically, its claim is the battery on its new devices is so good, you can plug in and charge a friend’s dying phone. With a claim of two days of battery life for average use and a full day for power users, it does have the juice to spare.

It’s also an absurdly funny marketing gimmick if Huawei ever manages to get its brand name in the US. It is currently the #3 smartphone manufacturer in the world, but due to not having a brand in the US, only about 9% of Americans have a clue who they are.

The Brick

2014-01-06 20.54.072014-01-06 20.53.362014-01-06 20.53.392014-01-06 20.53.57

 Phone charger/car jumper/flashlight

Cobra multicharger

Keyboard case to turn iPhones into Blackberries

Typo keyboard caseTypo keyboard case

Basically this a case with a keyboard attached that gives tactile feedback, so you can feel what you’re typing. I wish they’d had something like this when I first got into Android, but I’m good with Swype-style things now.

3D in the form of a plastic sheet

As opposed to purchasing a 3D device, you can lay a sheet on a tablet and convert it to a 3D tablet. It looked pretty good from what I saw, and doesn’t look like it should be limited to the iPad either.

3d ipad air

Bitcoin payment stations

BitpayYou’ve mined some bitcoins, but now what are you going to do with them? Here’s a payment stand.

No more bartering bitcoins for beef sticks – exchange for non-meaty goodness.

5K TVs

Because 4K was so two hours ago.


There was more, so much more.

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Paul E King

Paul King started with GoodAndEVO in 2011, which merged with Pocketables, and as of 2018 he's evidently the owner. He lives in Nashville, works at a film production company, is married with two kids. Facebook | Twitter | Donate | More posts by Paul | Subscribe to Paul's posts

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12 thoughts on “Paul’s CES 2014 wow list

  • Avatar of Luis Berrios

    Jesus 5K already, people can barely afford 4K. Well I guess thus means that 4K will now be slightly cheaper.

    • Um… how about we actually start getting some 4k content to watch before moving up to 5k? :-p

      • Avatar of Aaron Orquia

        I agree. How much stuff is even shot in 5K right now?

    • I’d actually like to see some 4/5k camera content that didn’t look grainy. Although almost all of the foreground video looked fine, background looked like a static mess if you looked closely on most of the demos.

  • Avatar of Capt4chris

    Checked out any of the virtual reality items like the Oculus Rift?

    • No, there were lines for any VR thing I ran into and I had very limited time and no desire for pinkeye.

  • Avatar of JRDEMASKUS

    My Nokia 1520 has just enough bezel to give me something to hold without accidentally hitting the screen.
    The only thing missing at this point is some flexibility. I am worried about breaking this sheet of glass.
    I built a holster with a metal backbone, and place the device with the screen facing the inside so it is not subject to pressure from leaning against it.
    How far have flexible screens come? Do they look just as good? Do they feel as good as glass? How far away is a flexible device from mass production?

    • I’m sorry, did not play with the flexible offerings at CES. I was at The HTC booth, which seemed to have nothing whatsoever, Samsung and Huawei’s offering didn’t bend that I noticed…

      Then again, I wasn’t particularly looking for bendy screens. I’m still with the EVO and really feel a little like I’d be deserting G&E to mosey off to a flexible tart of a phone… one can dream though.

      • Avatar of JRDEMASKUS

        LOL, wasting your time at HTC. They will go the way of Palm and BB if they don’t get their “Stuff” together and pull a Nokia.

        • What I say I was at the HTC booth I really mean I walked by it and stopped there because the line for the next booth extended into their space.

          I didn’t see anything new nor were the HTC guys who were stationed at the Pepcom event up and doing anything.

  • Avatar of Fifth313ment


    I think the Note 3 has the same ratio as the Huawei Ascend Mate II, and even more as the Note 3 has capacitive buttons rather than wasted screen real estate.. I would prefer more room between the bottom capacitive bezel as I find myself pushing the screen rather than the buttons a lot of time (example is in the messaging app on my Note 3 I constantly hit the return button when trying to press back and it always leaves a draft in the messaging app for whichever contact I was on, which is annoying at best. At worst it messes up what I was trying to do in some apps and I have to go back and start over.

    Electric cars are a joke. They are not about conserving gas but rather protecting the earth which they have no idea that they use nuclear or coal to power the electric to power the car (morons). I live in South Florida and we only pay about 8.5 cents per KWH but I can only imagine up north where it can be double or triple that! And electric car will cost you way more than gas!

    Reverse charging and car jumper/phone charger is quite neat and probably a buy for myself. How does the 3D sheet technology work? Does it convert everything on the screen or only 3d content? I’m sure you saw it up close. As for 5K TV’s, what John said. NOTHING IS IN 4K YET! Comcast only JUST started having a few shows OnDemand which are actually 1080p! I mean other than Blurays, computer hookups and video game systems we don’t even use our current 1080p TV’s to their full potential yet! What a waste!


    • Hawaii is somewhere around 34 cents per kilowatt – I nearly spattake when I saw it while doing the Chromecast idle power draw.

      The plastic sheet on normal content didn’t really show but when you had 3D content it was 3D. Pretty sure it’s an app that puts the 3D-needed content 1 pixel to the right or somesuch.

      Well, not that I’m pro-5K or anti it, but just for the sake of argument if it’s the next thing perhaps skip the 4K entirely… ;) I don’t think Comcast will ever get up to snuff in high def… even their 1080 stuff looks low quality if you look for artifacting.

      Oh, also on the 3D front – here’s the product: https://www.eyefly3d.com/online-store


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