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Not only is it hard for me to believe that it’s 2014, but it’s also time for CES! And this year, my experience of CES is going to be a little different for me.

You see, until now I’ve always experienced CES from the sidelines. When I first started writing for Good and EVO back in 2011, there really wasn’t a good reason to send me to Las Vegas, when I was only writing about a single Android device lineup: the HTC EVO series.

After Good and EVO merged into Pocketables back in 2012, and I eventually took over the reins as Editor-in-Chief, it made more sense for me to attend – but yet again, found myself unable, this time due to scheduling conflicts with CES 2013. However, one of last year’s New Year’s resolutions was to attend CES 2014 at all costs, and I’m happy to report that I’m all packed and ready to go.

So what’s in my suitcase? I’m actually keeping things fairly simple – I’ve got my Google Nexus 5 phone and this pair of Jabra VOX earbuds, along with this RavPower external battery pack to keep me charged all day on the floor. I’m bringing my LTE Nexus 7 tablet for entertainment at the airport and on the plane, and I’m also bringing my LTE Chromebook Pixel to do all my blogging work. (You might call me crazy, but I’ll demonstrate how it’s entirely possible to create an entire week’s worth of CES coverage using only Android and Chrome OS; naysayers be damned!)

Since this is my first CES, I’m incredibly excited at the prospects of walking through miles and miles of booths showcasing new and emerging technologies. I’m also a little overwhelmed and don’t quite know how I will be able to fit everything in that I want to see. Luckily I’m meeting CES veteran Paul E. King there, who has already been providing me with a few tips and tricks on how to navigate my way through it all.

I hope you’ll join us throughout the week as Paul and I coverage all of the biggest happenings of CES 2014 (as long as this snowstorm doesn’t keep me away!).

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