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On Monday morning, between the Huawei and Samsung press conferences, Paul and I decided to head over to the DISH Network press conference, in which they unveiled their new pride and joy: the Super Joey, which will allow subscribers to record up to eight different television shows at the same time.

It was an interesting press conference, to say the least, in which DISH also announced a new software-based “Virtual Joey” app for LG smart TVs that delivers the same DISH Hopper experience and control on compatible sets. Since the app can be used instead of DISH’s hardware-based Joey, users will have more location options when setting up their television sets in places where coaxial or Ethernet wiring may be difficult to access.


For those without an LG smart TV, the new wireless Joey hardware allows users to still get the Joey experience on any TV anywhere in the house using superfast 802.11ac Wi-Fi.


Also really cool is that customers with a PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4 will now be able to get the Virtual Joey experience through an application that will be released for Sony Playstation systems in the spring of 2014.


Perhaps most relevant for many Pocketables readers, DISH CEO Charlie Ergen announced that the company will extend its promotion offering new subscribers an iPad in lieu of first-year programming discounts through 2014. As part of the extension, DISH will also offer customers the choice of the iPad Mini.

DISH’s new Anywhere app, which allows customers to transfer recorded and on demand content from the Hopper to their Android or iOS devices, will also be released soon in the Amazon Appstore for the Kindle Fire, as well.

Overall, 2014 looks to be a very interesting year for DISH Network, although there’s one thing I still can’t figure out: who thought it would be a good idea to park a van in the middle of the room, completely blocking the view of anyone unlucky enough to be standing behind it?


Perhaps this was an homage to the ugly receivers stuck onto so many people’s roofs.

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