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Whoosh Screen Shine review

Whoosh Screen Shine Pocket Cleaning KitYour phone is filthy, and the germs on it will kill you and everyone you love. Well, probably not, but a few of the companies hawking cleaning products at the International Consumer Electronics Showcase earlier this year would have you think so. The Whoosh reps didn’t tell me I was going to die because of my phone filth, and they were nice enough to clean phones for people for demos, so I’ve been running a Whooshed phone since January 8. And I have to admit, the difference is quite noticeable.

First off, Whoosh cleans. It cleans well. It kills bacteria, is safe for every screen type, all the bells and whistles you might imagine any new cleaner to tout. However, what’s really interesting about it is it coats your screen with a nano-thin proprietary polymer which not only resists fingerprints, but leaves you fingers gliding over the surface weeks after an application.

More than three weeks after application, my HTC EVO 4G LTE’s screen still feels smooth and the oils that do manage to mark up the screen don’t do so like they used to. My fingers still slide over the screen with less resistance than before.

While I don’t have any dog in the game against using say Windex or a lemon to clean your phone, the decrease in surface friction has improved my swiping considerably as before my fingers would grip portions of the screen where I was attempting to slide across causing me to misspell anything that mattered.

It’s not the end-all greatest invention ever, but it’s something that’s inexpensive that will really make your phone feel like the screen’s been treated with a sliding/gliding agent. That’s worth it, whether or not it kills every virus known to mankind.

The Whoosh Screen Shine Pocket Screen Cleaning Kit is available from Amazon for $3.90. With how little was required to make my phone be marvelous through the past few weeks with heavy use, I’d say that’s potentially a year supply. You can also get about 12x the amount for $19.99 if you’re feeling especially dirty, or plan to clean your child’s iPad on a regular basis. It’s a great gift to anyone who’s glued to their device and might like the screen to perform better.

As for bacteria, if you’re not cleaning the back and sides of the device you’re working on, you’re only cleaning a little bit of the petri dish that is your phone. So don’t believe that cleaning only your screen will save you from a cold. I’m not sure this is the product for the back and sides of the phone; just because it does make the surfaces it’s on a little bit slipperier, might want to stick to Lysol for that.

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