You could win a Seidio Ledger iPad Air flip case!

Seidio Ledger for iPad Air

Our friends at Seidio have a new product out for the iPad Air called the Seidio Ledger Flip Case, and they are going to give away five to lucky Pocketables readers.

The Seidio Ledger Flip Case comes in Dark Gray and Red, has the magnetic screen cover to shut your Air off when the cover closes, moves the camera away from surfaces, and provides multiple viewing angles for typing and multimedia viewing. It’s absurdly thin, and can be yours if you happen to win.

What you’ll need to do to win one of these is to play into all the Apple marketing and tell us what verse have you contributed to the powerful play with your iPad Air? Or what have you done with the Air that’s really exciting and interesting, for those not interested in rewatching the commercial?

Entries will be judged on “did they write something better than ‘I like my iPad Air‘” and if so will be thrown into a pool to be drawn at random. If not, they’ll be tenderly placed in the bitbucket.

Winners will be announced Monday, Feb 17 2014 on Pocketables and will be contacted via email – don’t include an email address in your comment, but make sure it’s there where we can see it (the field that says “email”).

We’ll also have a review in about a week as I’m able to play with it at work and see how it works out as a case, but as for now all I can say is that it looks nice without the iPad Air nugget inside.

Good luck! You can enter multiple times, be creative each time, and if you can’t be creative, tell someone who is about the contest and tell them they have to buy you a case if they win.

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