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Android 4.3 will come to HTC EVO 4G LTE as a direct download from HTC, not OTA

evo-4g-lte-frontThe Android 4.3 update will not come to the HTC EVO 4G LTE as a regular OTA update, but owners will be happy to know that HTC is still working on an update for more “technical” users who want the newer software on their devices. The Taiwanese manufacturer is currently working on a “simple process” for users to update, which will probably look very much like an RUU update – one in which you run a program on your PC, plug in your phone, and wait for it to be updated automatically.

This is right in line with what Paul predicted would happen last week based on technical limitations of the EVO 4G LTE, after he got his hands on some prerelease software. Pocketables reported that this might happen before any other tech news site, and before HTC’s announcement about the matter last weekend.

While the update isn’t quite ready for primetime yet, HTC is actually looking for people willing to beta test the upgrade process. Interested parties can simply email [email protected].

Here’s HTC’s full statement:

This is actually a unique circumstance. Given the memory partition size limit, an OTA update won’t be possible. However, we are developing a simple process for our more technical customers to update the Evo on their own.

We’re actually booting up a trial, so for folks looking to get involved they can sign up here: [email protected] (this email is just getting booted up, so please send a note this evening)

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