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DigiPals mobile device case and cleaner review [Video]


I was recently sent a couple DigiPals mobile device cases to review, and while I have to say that they don’t quite jive with my own personal style, some people might find these very enjoyable to use.

DigiPals are marketed for most smartphones, MP3 players, and even small digital cameras or game players, as a fun way to both protect and clean your device. There are four different animals you can pick from: a monkey, owl, penguin, or turtle, each for around $14.99. They all feature a zipper closure with a microfiber interior that owners can use to also clean their device screens. Just rub the DigiPal over the device’s screen while in the pocket – the distributor points out that this method of cleaning your device doesn’t require any materials, and it also claims that it doesn’t leave behind any lint or dust.

These “mobile device companions” – as the distributor likes to call them – also have an extra zippered compartment that one can use to carry IDs, cash, credit cards, or earbuds. In all honesty, these are designed with kids in mind, although I can’t shake the notion that most kids I know outside of first or second grade probably wouldn’t be caught dead with these – which leads to a potential problem.

As a device cleaner, these are OK, or at least as good as any other microfiber cloth. There’s really nothing special about their cleaning ability, and the same thing could be accomplished with a cloth that is a little less embarrassing to walk around with. But as a device case, these are seriously lacking. There is absolutely no extra padding or cushion inside these cases, and nothing to absorb shock if a kid were to drop one of these. And let’s be honest – kids are rough with their phones. In fact, these cases might even provide a false sense of security, since the kid might think that his or her phone is protected adequately and therefore not treat it very carefully.

I should also note that I currently have the monkey and the turtle. The turtle is too small for my Nexus 5, and I can just barely squeeze a Nexus 4 in the case, as long as I take off its bumper. The monkey is a bit bigger and will work with either device, with or without a bumper. Since the distributor doesn’t really clearly specify anywhere on its site that these are different sizes, the one you think is cutest might not work with your device. So order at your own risk.

Overall, I’d have to give these a thumbs down for me, while knowing some other people might absolutely fall in love with them. While these things are cute, I wouldn’t want to use them in public myself, and I doubt very many kids would want to, either. DigiPals are decent at keeping your device clean, but any microfiber cloth can do these same job. Plus, they don’t really offer much additional protection. And let’s be honest – kids + zippers + device screens = permanent scratches.

That’s not to say these are low quality. To the contrary, these seem to be manufactured with great care and attention to detail. You just need to be aware of what you’re getting yourself into first, before you place an order.

DigiPals mobile device cases and cleaners can be ordered online at for $14.99.

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