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HTC will be ready to privately show a new smartwatch by Mobile World Congress


After years of working on wearables in secret, it appears that HTC is finally almost ready to introduce some specific devices to consumers. According to a new Bloomberg report, the Taiwanese manufacturer will privately show off the first of three new wearable devices next month at Mobile World Congress, in the form of a new smartwatch. And while it still won’t be revealed to the public quite yet, we are hearing that the smartwatch will be based on the Qualcomm Toq (pictured above).

Apparently HTC is also developing a watch using the Google Now service, along with an electronic bracelet that plays music. These most likely won’t be ready in time for Mobile World Congress, although the Google Now watch has me wondering whether this might be the Nexus smartwatch we’ve been hearing rumors about.

I’m definitely interested in what HTC is doing here, and am hopeful that this might also make HTC more profitable, as the wearables market continues to expand. Anyone else interested in a future HTC smartwatch?

[Bloomberg | Android Police]
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8 thoughts on “HTC will be ready to privately show a new smartwatch by Mobile World Congress

  • I’m interested in smartwatches, period. Whichever company brings the best balance of battery life, productivity, build quality and useful features is going to get my cash.

  • Avatar of Fifth313ment

    That’s a great idea? They can’t even get into the black with one call phone!

  • Avatar of atlanta

    Yeah its secret dump day , were we can find skittles and eggs under trash cans , opps is that a watch someone left ,kool beans man I’m wearing my secret date to the prom , dude that’s just so totaly freak n awesome

  • Avatar of JRDEMASKUS

    Yea, same here. Interested in all of them, but still waiting for something that fills a need that I don’t yet have.
    The Sony MW1, Smart Bluetooth Stereo Headset, continues to serve me well.

    • Avatar of JRDEMASKUS

      I would like some wireless stereo ear buds though.

      • Avatar of JRDEMASKUS

        They just need a power button, music controls on the smart watch.
        Is that what the picture is? How do I get that?

  • Avatar of Paul M

    I registered my interest in the Qualcomm Toq, but when it came out I saw the price ($350) and rejected the idea immediately.
    Some time later the price was reduced as a promo (CES, I think), and it was still crazy price, I think that was $300.
    I see now it’s $250.

    The problem for Toq is that everyone will simply be waiting to see how far the price will fall.. I can see them being dumped for $150. Problem is mentally I’ve already moved on.

    Maybe the HTC watch will reboot the idea for me. I had a Sony smartwatch (now the previous gen) and I liked the concept but it sucked badly with poor battery life and was buggy and unreliable.

    • Avatar of JRDEMASKUS

      I also got that email.
      Problem is, I am more interested in the wireless ear buds, but they don’t seem to be offering them.
      I would probably buy the whole package, but not the watch by itself.


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