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Official RUU 4.13.651.3 radio firmware different than 4.13.651.1

Sense 5.0 Android 4.3 upgradeWith the release from the HTC dev site of 4.13.651.3, it’s been noted that there are differences in the binaries from the 4.13.651.1 pre-release that we’ve been playing around with for the past few days. Although the version numbers are the same, the content is different.

What this tends to indicate is that if you, like I, jumped the gun and installed 4.13.651.1 and are now having strange radio issues such as dropped calls or an inability to connect, there may be a light at the end of the tunnel in flashing updated radios.

Unfortunately, as of this writing, there are no separate flashable firmware bits for the 4.13.651.3 release I can find that have been pulled from the update, so there’s no way to simply update these and move on if you’ve installed the beta.

The only choice at the moment appears to be to run the RUU from HTC, which evidently from our comments section and what I find in development threads, reps at HTC are still claiming has not been released even though it’s hosted on their own servers.

For those wondering where the update is actually coming from, here’s the download link without the Twitter URL. obfuscation/shortening:

On a side rant about who’s released the RUU update, just so we’re completely clear on HTC’s involvement, that domain name is HTC.COM, this is not coming from some third party, and it’s not released into the wild and being transported from computer to computer by magic hackers. You click that and that’s the update coming off of HTC servers with HTC signed software announced by HTC reps.

It should be noted the radio version numbers are the same as the 4.13.651.1 release, but the PRL is different. As stated above there are mentions that the code is different.

Should you be needing to try the official update’s radios now, as opposed to waiting for flashable firmware bits that may not come due to the layout change, go ahead and make a backup, get everything off of the internal SD card, go ahead and run the RUU.

Afterward you’ll need to unlock the bootloader if you want to be able to write to /system, but if you don’t care you can leave it locked if you’re S-OFF and simply flash recovery. You can also flash a 4.13.651.3 based rooted ROM afterwards, should you be so inclined.

If you do the update and it helps with your data/calls, let us know.

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