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Remember to do the following after an update/phone change

With all the talk of upgrades and where you can get them and what they do to the phone, there have been a few things that we skipped over that you might have as well.

Set up Android Device Manager

Android Device Manager allows you to remotely locate, lock, wipe, ring your device. Should you lose it you can be somewhat assured that nobody will be poking through your Angry Birds, and you might actually be able to locate the phone if some kind stranger attempts to get it back to you.

After updating to the 4.13.651.3 RUU, or flashing any ROM, your settings for remote lock and wipe will be gone and need to be re-set up.

You can read John’s article on it here.

Enable Developer Options

Developer Options locationDeveloper options enable you to do things such as allow USB debugging, disable HW overlays, show CPU usage on the screen, or set up backup passwords. They are also no longer on by default, you have to tell your phone you’re a developer.

There’s also no option that says “enable developer options” any more.

To do this, go to settings, about, software information, more, and tap the build number seven times.

In my picture here, I’m already a developer so I get the don’t bother message.

You should be cautioned that enabling USB debugging opens your phone up to some risks if you lose your phone or plug into a public charging outlet (or so I’ve heard).

Set camera to save to external SD

With the introduction of TRIM support in Android 4.3, this may not be as big of an issue as it supposedly was in previous versions, but the short of it is your internal SD card can get pretty fragmented virtually.

As a sidenote, having had multiple Android devices with and without TRIM and being a pretty keen observer of what’s slowing the system down, I’d say most people’s slowdown is because they have a ton of badly written apps constantly running in memory and fighting for priority as opposed to SD fragmentation.

But aside from that saving pictures, data, logs, etc, all in the same space ends up entangling things at a level that’s managed by the SD card controller. So if you can place some of your stuff elsewhere (the external SD) you drop some of the low level fragmentation out of the equation.

You also have a way to recover your photos if your phone explodes and the internal SD is not readable.

Set up Dropbox, Google Drive, Facebook, or Google+ photo sync

IMAG0104 MOTION - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereWhatever you use to get your photos off of your phone, get it set up. This is the first thing I do in the event that my phone dies – I don’t want to lose pictures of my little girl’s first pancake experience due to my phone dropping in the toilet or getting destroyed in a rainstorm.

Make sure you set up how you want it to sync, as well. For example, I let Dropbox sync while I’m out so if the phone dies I’ve got the picture, but I let it sync to other services when I’m home and connected to WiFi.

Letting them all sync while on cell would blow my battery away.

If you’ve got anything else you think should be included in this, drop a comment and I’ll see about putting it in.

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9 thoughts on “Remember to do the following after an update/phone change

  • Avatar of zaakro

    My battery has gotten a lot worse since up updating. I used to go throughout the day and still have 40-50 % left. Now my battery dies halfway through the day. It says it is the mobile network killing it.

    As of typing this I watched it drop 3%

    • official update .3 or unofficial .1?

      What did you update from? Official or custom?

      • Avatar of zaakro

        Official .3, I used the one that John posted yesterday from HTC.

  • Avatar of Fifth313ment

    Can someone do some performance tests to compare? Do some before and then after the update. I’m afraid, lol.

    LOL! Her little head is spinning, she’s the cutest Exorcist ever! IHOP or Dennys?! She’s reading the menu like a big girl, lol.

    • Avatar of Fifth313ment

      Oh and is Beats support still there after the update? I really hate the headphone sound on my Note 3, my EVO LTE sounds so much better listening to music. The Note 3 needs a headphone amp as the volume is so much lower than my EVO LTE on the same music player maxed out both with the same songs.

      • Avatar of weirdroid

        Yes, the EVO LTE has awesome headphone sound and volume. I believe it contains a built-in hardware headphone amplifier (2.55V) like other new HTC phones, even though it’s not listed as a feature.

    • If someone’ll post a quadrant and antutu of a stock pre-update phone that’s been wiped recently I can post post-update. Even non-wiped is fine.

      That was IHOP, someone gave her a valentine’s day gift card there so she could get her first pancake. She ate almost 1/6th of a pancake, but got distracted by everything else in the place.

      Beats I’m pretty sure I saw it appear. There’s an option for it in settings, however i’m still on the beta so slight chance it’s not there on the release, but probably is.

  • Another thing to do: throw away the EVO 4G LTE. I just got a Note 3 with JB 4.3 and I can’t believe they are the same OS. EVO is terrible looking interface now.

    • Alternately you could root it and install an AOSP ROM with the same interface you’re running now.


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