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Sprint MVNO Ting drops prices to celebrate its 2nd birthday

New Ting rates

As far as prepaid Sprint MVNOs go, Ting is pretty awesome. We first reported on the carrier back in 2012, when it started allowing new users to bring their existing Sprint phones, including the HTC EVO lineup. What really set Ting apart, though, is that it allows users to select how many minutes, messages, and megabytes that they actually need, rather than paying a premium for unlimited everything. And better yet, if you end up using less than what you thought you would, Ting will adjust your bill to reflect that. What other carrier does that?

In addition to this, Ting was the first Sprint MVNO to get access to Sprint’s LTE network, and the first (only?) Sprint MVNO to openly encourage users to bring the Google Nexus 5 by LG.

And now, to celebrate the second anniversary of the launch of Ting, the carrier is slashing data prices, and offering greater buckets of minutes and messages on some plans. Additionally, this isn’t a temporary promotion, but a permanent rate reduction.

The highlights:

  • Every data graduation beyond the $3 ‘Small’ is cheaper.
  • We’ve dropped the XXL level across the board so pure per-unit pricing kicks in sooner.
  • Perhaps most importantly for our heavy data users and business customers, we have dropped the per-unit pricing on megabytes beyond 2,000 from 2.25 cents to just 1.5 cents. That means a gig (or gigabyte or GB) of data is $15 beyond the XL level.
  • Finally, just to make sure that jump from XL to unit pricing is a win for everyone, we dropped the pricing on minutes beyond 2,000 from 2 cents to 1.9 cents, raised the ceiling on the XL minutes bucket to 2,100 and raised the ceiling on the XL messages bucket to 4,800. Do the math, I promise it works.

If you use Ting yourself, be sure to let us know how it’s working out for you. You can even revive this old thread in the Pocketables Forum to share some more current, up-to-date experiences!

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