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Xposed module Burnt Toast adds icons to toasts

Burnt Toast notificationDo you often have applications popping up messages (toasts) on your screen, sometimes so many that you don’t know which application is informing you of something? The Burnt Toast Xposed framework module does something about that.

Burnt Toast slaps a picture of the application icon next to the toast notification so you know which application is actually talking to you in that notification window.

This is extremely useful for when you’ve got a few applications that want to update you on a semi regular basis with rather indescript notifications, but for most I think it just brings a nicer look to the toast notifications and should have been an option in Android to begin with.

In the picture, we’ve got the AutoLocation Tasker plugin’s icon displayed next to the notification that the Activity Monitor is starting. This is useful because I have other applications that toast me messages similar to that, and I’ve been wondering what was telling me these things.

In the end, it’s not a game changing mod, but it’s a nice little tweak to how things work – and it can help you track down an errant app that’s been toasting you useless information. If you want to play with this mod, it’s available in the Xposed module repository, or you can download it directly from the source link below.

You’ll of course need to have the Xposed Framework in place and running to install Burnt Toast, which requires a rooted device, but it’s well worth it for the massive customization possibilities that Xposed allows, this being one of them.

I wish this were a developer option rather than an Xposed module, as it’s a little too useful for the non-root crowd to miss out on.

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One thought on “Xposed module Burnt Toast adds icons to toasts

  • I freaking love Xposed and it’s the only reason I haven’t switched my Nook HD+ running KitKat over to ART runtime. I did notice a nice speed bump, but Xposed is far too useful to leave behind.


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