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Attention frustrated HTC EVO 4G LTE users: You are not alone

evo-4g-lte-frontIf you are one of the many HTC EVO 4G LTE users who are frustrated by the Android 4.3 update, you should know that you are not alone. First, why are so many people frustrated? Let’s recap, in case you’ve just joined us.

  1. The OTA update to Android 4.3 turned out not to be an OTA update at all, but a downloadable RUU that will completely wipe your phone’s memory during the installation process.
  2. HTC stupidly said that updating to Android 4.3 using its official software would void your warranty.
  3. The update proved to be incredibly problematic for many people – and unless you’re S-OFF, there’s no way to roll back.
  4. The update then got yanked, with no explanation or acknowledgement from HTC, leaving many users scratching their heads and asking, “WTF?”

Of course, a lot of other crap went down as well, but these are the biggest events.

So now, after all this, you’d think that HTC would make sure to not release any more buggy updates ever again, because people have had it. Right?

Wrong. The HTC One – which is supposedly HTC’s grand masterpiece, which HTC hopes will save its sinking ship – is now apparently going through some issues of its own. The Android 4.4 KitKat update has been pulled in the UK, again without any official explanation from HTC, and only a brief acknowledgement on Twitter. Again, this is the phone that was supposed to save HTC.


If you want to know why I’m through with HTC, this is it. At least EVO fans can take comfort in knowing that it’s not only their devices that got messed up, but HTC’s other flagship, too.

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