Big surprise: Pocketables readers say that tablets are here to stay

Chrome OS tablet mockupA couple weeks ago, I asked those of you who own tablets about how you usually use them: Do you use tablets primarily for content consumption? Have they replaced your laptops, or even your desktops? Are they primary or secondary devices?

It’s an important question to ask, because – depending on the person you talk to – tablets are either the best thing since sliced bread, or they are on their way out like the dinosaurs. Lots of commentators  lament the death of the desktop and laptop PC, while parading the tablet around as the consumer and business device of choice for the new generation of tech consumers. Others say that – despite decent sales numbers – most tablets simply collect dust on coffee tables or nightstands across the country.

As it turns out, Pocketables readers responded to our poll in great numbers, and overwhelmingly stated that tablets are secondary computing devices used to consume – not create – new content. Over 60% of use cases had to do with content consumption:

  • Video consumption: 17.92%
  • Music consumption: 10.42%
  • Reading: 19.17%
  • Gaming: 12.92%

Only 3.33% of people said that tablets were a primary computing device. But, contrary to popular perception, only 2.08% of respondents said that their tablets are dust collectors on the coffee table or nightstand.

So what does this mean, and how should we interpret these results?

Well, at least among Pocketables readers, we can safely assume:

  • Laptops and desktops are still in use as primary computing devices, and this doesn’t seem to be in any danger.
  • Tablets are still popular as secondary devices, and people are actively using them post-purchase. In other words, the tablet market also doesn’t seem to be in any danger.

Other more scientific studies sometimes come up with similar results, and sometimes not. What do you make of this?

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John was the editor-in-chief at Pocketables. His articles generally focus on all things Google, including Chrome and Android, although his love of new gadgets and technology doesn't stop there. His current arsenal includes the Nexus 6 by Motorola, the 2013 Nexus 7 by ASUS, the Nexus 9 by HTC, the LG G Watch, and the Chromebook Pixel, among others.

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