Microsoft Surface Power Cover available March 19th for $199



When Microsoft announced the Surface Pro 2, it also introduced a number of new Cover accessories to go with it, including the Surface Power Cover. Combining a battery with the newly-updated Type Cover, the Power Cover promises up to 70% better battery life on the Surface 2 and up to 60% better battery life on both models of the Surface Pro.

Oddly, the cover wasn’t ready for release when the new Surfaces were made available. However, Microsoft is finally ready to launch the long-awaited accessory. Starting on March 19th, the company will start selling the cover for $199, which is $70 more than the current-generation Type Cover and $80 more than the current Touch Cover.

$199 is a lot of money to pay for a keyboard, especially considering that the Surface Pro 2 costs at least $899 – and that only gets you a measly 64GB of internal storage. At the same time, long battery life is essential for many people; considering that a Surface is incomplete without a Cover anyway, it might not be such a bad idea to spend the extra $70 for another five hours off the charger.

If you already own a Surface or plan to purchase one in the future, will you spring for the Power Cover as your keyboard of choice? Or will you go with one of the less expensive options?

[Microsoft Store via @MicrosoftStore]
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One thought on “Microsoft Surface Power Cover available March 19th for $199

  • This is too much money! What is Microsoft thinking here? They aren’t Apple, so they shouldn’t price like Apple!


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