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RAVPower BOLT 4-port USB charging station review [Video]

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The RAVPower BOLT 4-port USB charging station seeks to allow gadget enthusiasts to consolidate multiple adapters and outlets with an all-in-one charging solution. As RAVPower points out, “With 4 ports, don’t choose between your devices or hunt for spare adapters, just plug everything in at once.” Designed to be used with both iOS and Android devices, it can charge up to two tablets and two phones at full charging capacity – but how well does it hold up in everyday use?

Surprisingly well, actually. But first, let’s look at the specs.


This particular charging station is model RP-UC07, and includes four USB ports, but no USB charging cables (that’s OK, since most electronics come with cables, and many people have at least several extra lying around). It’s great for international travel, with input of 110-240V, and it can handle multiple devices at once with output of DC 5V 6A.

The output is significant, as not many competing products offer such a high output for so many devices. Size-wise, this thing is also pretty small – it’s only slightly bigger than a deck of cards (3.6 x 3.5 x 1.2-inches, to be precise), which means that most people will be able to find a nice spot for it on a desk or nightstand. It also easily fits in most travel bags, and since it doesn’t have a bulky A/C adapter, but rather a standard plug, it’s especially travel-friendly. RAVPower also says that the “industrial-grade plastic and unibody construction” are designed to withstand bouncing and bumping when stored in one’s baggage.

As a nice, added touch, it’s got grippy “feet” at the bottom that prevent it from sliding around on a desk too much, and the blue LED indicator lets you know that it’s plugged in and ready to charge.

What I like

  • I like the relatively small size, which makes it easy to put almost anywhere or to put in a bag while traveling.
  • I like that standard-size plug, instead of a bulky A/C adapter.
  • I like that I can charge two tablets and two phones, all at the same time, and not experience any decrease in the amount of time it takes to charge each device.
  • I like that it’s lightweight, and seems to be fairly durable.

What I don’t like

  • I don’t like that this doesn’t include an internal battery, for use when the power goes out. I understand that this would add to the cost, and make it heavier – and that a battery probably wouldn’t be able to effectively charge all four devices at once – but it would be a nice option to have, nevertheless.
  • I don’t like that there isn’t an option to turn off the bright LED light. This light is so bright that it keeps me up at night, so putting this next to my bed – where it would be most useful – is out of the question.
  • I don’t like that it’s not compatible with every single tablet out there. RAVPower says it is incompatible with Samsung Galaxy Tabs and ASUS Transformers, and while I’m sure that there are good technical reasons for this, I wish it weren’t the case.


In this case, my likes far outweigh my dislikes, so I give it four stars out of five – and for only twenty bucks, this is a great deal, too.

For more details on what the RAVPower BOLT 4-port USB charging station is like in everyday use, be sure to check out my video below!

The RAVPower BOLT 4-port USB charging station is available for $19.99 on Amazon.

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4 thoughts on “RAVPower BOLT 4-port USB charging station review [Video]

  • You might also like Anker 36W USB Quad-Port Wall Charger. It’s also $20 on Amazon and doesn’t seem to have issues with Galaxy tabs. It also puts out more power, so will charge more devices faster.

  • I use 13000mAh Anker bank… as my … charger. – you charge it once a week, then you charge your mobile dev anywhere in house with no issues:) And it works with tablets. As per USB – I would recomment a extensions lead with USB – for people who cannot charge USB when their PC is off.. is a great way to power your pc protect from surges and use it for charging all USB devices. Just screw it under your desk for better comfort!


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