Resurrecting the Apple iPhone 4S, Part 2: The Revival [Video]

Yesterday, my Apple iPhone 4S took a plunge into a bucket full of ice-cold water. Then, it took another plunge – directly into the bag that’s provided in Reviveaphone’s kit.

Today, after a drying period of 24 hours, I took the iPhone out of the tray and tried to turn it on. The results are in the video above. Spoiler alert: my phone didn’t survive.

iphone 4s

This is where I get to complain; not so much about the product, but rather Reviveaphone’s ethics. The company’s homepage clearly states that its kit “Revives a water damaged phone in just 24 hours.” Notice the picture above which says just that – and doesn’t show an asterisk or any other indicators that the company has anything else to say on the matter.


If you make your way over to the site’s instructions page, however, you will find a decidedly different line. The company tells you to let your phone sit for an additional day if it still doesn’t work after the initial 24 hour drying period.

My issue is not that my iPhone is dead, but that Reviveaphone’s front page makes no mention of this second line. The kit is advertised as working within 24 hours, and if it doesn’t, then your phone is dead. As misleading as that is, it’s even worse that the company goes back on its words on a different page of the website.

If you glean just one fact from this post, let it be this: Reviveaphone really means to say that your phone will be fixed within 24-48 hours. It must be bad marketing to say that the kit may not work for two whole days.

I’ll be reaching out to the company about this clear lack of information on its front page, and I’ll put any response I get in my follow-up post on Sunday, in which we will find out if the iPhone was able to turn on after drying for just a little longer.

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