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TWRP 2.7 for the HTC EVO 4G released, supports Android 4.4

TWRP not 7 - don't have a screenshot, sorryOwners of rooted original HTC EVO 4G who have been waiting for the original HTC flagship of awesome to get updated to Android 4.4 are at least one step closer with the release of a modified Android 4.4 compliant recovery.

What this means is when you find an Android 4.4 ROM for the HTC EVO 4G, you’ll need to replace your current recovery with Captain_Throwback’s modified TWRP 2.7 in order to flash with SELinux support, which is required for newer Android version ROMs.

How long will it be until an Android 4.4 ROM is released for the HTC EVO 4G remains to be seen… but according to our readers there’s one available or in the works.

The modified recovery is a bootloader flashable image, which means you just copy it your your SD card, rename from to, reboot the phone into bootloader from your rom or shut the phone off and power on with power+vol-down and choose to update using the image.

I can’t locate an Android 4.4 ROM, one of our readers devo4g mentioned I should check for one on XDA today. But whether that means there’s one there and I’m having a case of the Mondays on Thursday, or it’s to come out sometime later today, at least the underlying recovery framework has been put in place to allow it to happen.

Considering I’m running CM 11 on my B&N Nook Color using ART instead of Dalvik and seeing huge improvements (mostly due to Android version, not cache), I’m betting this will once again breathe some life into the incredibly resilient and long-lived EVO 4G.

How well it will work remains to be seen, but as soon as there’s a ROM up and available for the OG I’ll be flashing it and seeing what an be done with a piece of hardware that just refuses to lay down and die.

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14 thoughts on “TWRP 2.7 for the HTC EVO 4G released, supports Android 4.4

  • Avatar of Simon Belmont

    Off topic (well sort of), but yeah, CM11 on the B&N Nook Color has been, by far, the best performing version of Android to date for me. I don’t have ART enabled, but it’s still noticeably smoother than the Jelly Bean series was (which in itself was a big improvement over older Android 2.x version, IMO).

    I actually turned on “Force high-performance graphics” the other day on my B&N Nook Color and compared the smoothness in the UI, games, and apps, as well as RAM usage, and was pleasantly surprised. No detriment to the smoothness in anything, and I actually noticed my RAM usage GO DOWN by about 10% – 15%, on average, over the past week. The UI looks snazzy with the transparent navigation and status bar, too. Good stuff.

    • I really don’t see much improvement with ART overall, but in some areas it supposedly speeds things up by up to 400%. Will have to try that force high performance graphics… was not aware that was an option anywhere… that’ll teach me to get sick for a month and miss out on all the 4.4 settings

      • Avatar of Simon Belmont

        It’s under Settings–>Performance. You have to enable it first by going into Settings->About Tablet and tapping the version of Android 7 times.

        I was expecting a performance hit with the high-end graphics, but nope. It’s remained great performance and RAM wise.

        • Are you talking about 16-bit transparencies? I don’t see anything that says force high performance. Perhaps it’s in a newer nightly than I have? Looks like there’re 3 or 4 that I have skipped.

          • Avatar of Simon Belmont

            I’m actually on a relatively old nightly from February, I think. It’s a February 12th nightly.

            The check box with “Force high-end graphics” should be right below the 16-bit transparency check box (which I don’t check btw). What nightly are you on?

          • I’ll check when I get home. It’s definitely not on the version I have. Time for me to get a new version anyway…

          • Looks like 2/10/14 was the date of the nightly

          • Avatar of Simon Belmont

            Haha. They’ve must’ve have implemented the high-end graphics toggle literally a day or two later because mine is February 12th.

            The latest nightlies should definitely have it. Let me know how it goes.

          • Updated to 3/10? (whatever I could have downloaded this morning) and there it is. Unfortunately my gapps package seems to have died…

            Eh, I’ll grab a new one later…

            seems slightly more responsive to initial swipes… didn’t have any games loaded so until I get off my ass and reflash gapps I won’t be able to tell much…

            Unfortunately involved in pulling apart a network for fun and profit at the moment…

          • Avatar of Simon Belmont

            I’ve been using the same GApps package since I switched to KitKat. I guess yours got corrupted somehow.

            I’m still on the February 12th nightly. I’ve been lazy and haven’t updated lately, but I might tomorrow if I find some time.

        • Avatar of Simon Belmont

          I just updated to the latest nightly on my B&N Nook Color. It’s largely the same as the one I was on before (maybe a tiny bit smoother, but it’s probably just a placebo).

          I did notice that the status bar no longer shows network activity on Wi-Fi. It did on the older nightly that I was on. Kind of a shame, but I’m guessing some patches they back-ported relating to the TI WI-LAN drivers for MAC address issues are the culprit. I might just install Network Monitor Mini Pro, because I use that on everything else I own anyway.

  • Yeah that was me taking about a bootable 4.4 ROM on XDA. It’s a build of evervolv created by – who else – Captain Throwback himself.

    And while he was at it he got a build of OmniROM to boot also.

    These are more proof of concept than daily driver at this stage: certainly they share the lack of forward facing camera and Wimax support common to all post-Gingerbread ROMs. Plus evervolv nightlies have been having issues with mobile data for a few months now, which applies here as well. And of course the ROM will be generally slow and memory will be tight.

    But come on- Freakin KitKat on Supersonic? That’s a feat in and of itself. All glory laud an honor to Captain Throwback for putting the pieces together and sharing the result.

    • Avatar of Simon Belmont

      KitKat should actually run better on an EVO 4G than Android 4.x did. What with Project Svelte and the “low RAM device” memory optimization.

      It definitely is a feat to see a 4 year old phone running Android 4.4.2, though. I feel the same way with my B&N Nook Color (which is from the same era as the EVO 4G).

      • Avatar of Simon Belmont

        Derp. I meant it should run better than Android 4.x prior to 4.4.

        Wish I could edit my posts. Oh well.


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