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How to remove tampered warnings on rooted HTC One M8s

tampered and unlockedIf you’ve unlocked and played around very much with your rooted HTC One M8, chances are you have seen the tampered, unlocked, S-OFF, and red developer warning texts, claiming that any use of this device outside of HTC is prosecutable.

While you can just ignore this and live your life fully, if you wanted to take the phone in for work, or are just worried that you might lose the phone and someone could contact HTC trying to return it to you, there’s a way to remove it by flashing a modified HBOOT.

The one we’re talking about will report S-OFF as S-ON, UNLOCKED will become LOCKED, and there will be no tampered nor developer warning texts. There are other versions of this available, such as a completely stock hboot, and ones that don’t mask the tampered or S-OFF, but why would you want them?

You’ll need S-OFF in order to install it, but it can be installed by one of two methods. The first is by downloading and renaming it to and placing it in the root of your SD card, rebooting into bootloader, and saying that yes, you would like to update.

The other method involves using a computer, booting the phone into fastboot, then pushing the package via these commands:

  • fastboot oem rebootRUU
  • fastboot flash zip
  • fastboot reboot-bootloader

You can get the modified HBOOTs at the following link, and make sure to read very carefully how to install and what the risks are, as you do not want to end up with a fried bootloader because you missed a step.

I’ll point out this was also in the Sprint M8 development section, so if you’re planning on using this on another carrier, you might want to check and make sure your carrier uses the same HBOOT as the Sprint One M8 does.

Although I don’t believe there’s a lot of reason to flash this, if something happened to your screen or volume and power buttons, you might be stuck with a phone that’s reporting tampered, unlocked, etc when you attempt to take it in for repair. So perhaps that’s a compelling reason to go ahead and do that.

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