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Roam only and PRL swapping mods available for the HTC One M8

HTC One M8 PRL mod screenOne of the things that’s absurdly useful in my lack-of-service town has been the ability to force roaming off of the Sprint network when I’m in a congested area. On the HTC EVO 4G LTE, I had a force roam mod and could load PRLs manually if I wanted, and now that ability has come to the Sprint variant of the HTC One M8, as well.

XDA contributor benny3 has ported over some of the original HTC One mods and has delivered the force roam only mod, and an EPST-enabled PRL changer.

If you can download a PRL to your phone, you can swap it right out by dialing ##778# and selecting to change the PRL to one located on the phone.

I don’t have any PRLs to test this with, and roaming appears to kick in but warn me that I’m unable to use data because I’m roaming, which may just be an issue with the ROM I’m using at the moment; I don’t know.

Whatever the case, these mods are available now. You’ll need to get a copy of your MSL which you can do by calling up your carrier and asking, or just running MSL Reader and jotting it down.

Being able to force roam only has helped me multiple times in the past when there’s a Sprint signal and there’s absolutely nothing working with it, but you should be aware that forcing a roam option can incur carrier charges and get you kicked off your network. Then again, if you’re unable to use any data on your network, maybe that isn’t such a bad fate after all.

Make sure you make a nandroid before installing these just in case something doesn’t play nice with your ROM, and be aware that – like all roam-only mods I’ve seen before for three (?) series of HTC phones now – the roam-only button will never highlight when you tap it, but you’ll see that the device has entered roaming mode.

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