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Stock rooted 1.54.651.8 HTC One M8 ROM available now

1.54.651.8 high performance modeThose who are sticking with stock rooted for a while may have felt a pang of regret at rooting before the 1.54.651.8 update was released. Since a stock rooted device most likely has a custom recovery, there was no way to easily install an OTA update.

Fortunately a developer who I’m feeling like I’m stalking lately – Captain_Throwback has released a stock rooted odex and deodexed version of the HTC One M8’s most current update.

The updates should be able to be flashed over any stock rooted install. I flashed over my previous ROM and had no issues installing a deodexed version of the base ROM. Everything just worked afterward.

It is important to note that unless I missed something, the update does not contain the radios and firmware updates to the ROM. To get those, you’ll need to be S-OFF and flash an update, or restore your recovery to stock and download and install the OTA update.

The new 1.54.651.8 version of the ROM includes extreme power saving mode, and high performance mode in developer options, which could be considered extreme power wasting mode for most. If you don’t have developer options as an option in settings, go to about, software information, more, then tap on build number a bunch of times.

During an AnTuTu benchmark pitting the phone against itself in high performance vs regular performance, the difference in scores was less than 1%. So take that as you will.

Selecting high performance mode also greys out the power saving options until you unselect the mode.

If you’re wondering whether to get the odex or deodex versions of the ROM, you probably want deodex, although probably nobody will call you names if you choose the odex version.

If you’re thinking about installing, go ahead and make a nandroid backup first, then flash away. There’s no need it appears to clear anything as the update script cleans out the cache, or at least my phone spent time rebuilding it after an update. Your mileage may vary.

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