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T-Mobile rewards long term customers by giving most unlimited talk and text with existing plans

Abolish Overages T-MobileIn its latest Un-carrier move, T-Mobile has announced the end of overages for its customers, and has started a social campaign to try and get other carriers to do the same. It’s true that all of T-Mobile’s Simple Choice plans have already eliminated unexpected overage charges, and many commentators have therefore called this a “lame duck” announcement – however, it’s really not, and here’s why.

While it’s been quite a while since T-Mobile started offering unlimited talk and text with all of its postpaid plans, many of it’s older long-term customers are still on grandfathered plans with limited buckets of minutes and texts – and if you go over them, you get charged overages. In fact, there are even a few plans that used to charge data overages, as well, although the vast majority of T-Mobile’s limited data plans throttle after a certain point. What T-Mobile is doing here is taking away all of those overages for existing customers.

In other words, all of T-Mobile’s grandfathered postpaid plans now include unlimited talk and text. And no T-Mobile customer will ever get another overage charge for going over their data allotments – they’ll just get throttled, instead. That’s huge.

Carriers are notorious for spending a lot of money to get new customers, and for enticing those customers with deals (like paying their ETFs from other carriers). On the other hand, carriers aren’t really known for doing much of anything at all for their long term customers – and that’s why this announcement is anything but a lame duck announcement.

Now that T-Mobile’s three days of Un-carrier announcements are over, we can start speculating about what’s next with Un-carrier 5.0. Any thoughts?

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