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WinDroid Universal HTC Toolkit unlocks and roots most HTC devices

WinDroid Universal HTC ToolkitIf you’re the owner of an HTC EVO 4G LTE, almost any model HTC One, the Amaze 4G, Desire HD or X, or Droid DNA – and you’ve been on the fence about rooting your device – now might be the time. The WinDroid Universal HTC Toolkit has been updated to support a wide variety of devices. If the name sounds familiar, that’s because we covered WinDroid a while back when it was first out for the HTC EVO 4G LTE.

The toolkit will install any drivers you might need for Windows to talk to your phone, get your phone’s token ID, submit it to HTCdev to get an unlock binary, unlock the phone using that binary, flash a custom recovery, and then either flash a custom ROM and kernel or flash SuperSU on your existing stock ROM to give you Superuser access. It also can attempt a superCID exploit, but whether you need that or not depends on your phone.

You can root by the numbers as opposed to having to follow a guide.

Much like with Hasoon2000‘s toolkit, it does most of the work for you, although this application claims to work on significantly more devices than that one does. This can be a good thing and a bad thing, as without knowing what steps you’ve taken you might not know where you’re at. I find it’s generally good to have the knowledge of what you just did that voided your warranty six ways to Sunday.

The WinDroid Universal HTC Toolkit also does not include options to gain S-OFF, which requires some knowledge of the tools that WinDroid uses. S-OFF can be absurdly useful later on in root life as you can do things like SIM unlock, flash old firmware, and be 140% cooler than your friends who are just unlocked.

But if you’re just wanting to root and flash a ROM, or if you’re assisting your friend with doing this, toolkits can be absurdly useful so you don’t have to go hunting down everything on your own.

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