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Another way to look at Cricket’s new prepaid pricing

Screenshot 2014-05-21 at 10.56.44 AMEarlier this week, Aio Wireless was rebranded and relaunched as the new Cricket Wireless. The Aio plan pricing has stayed the same, but there are some value-added benefits that Cricket is promoting to make itself more competitive against T-Mobile’s Uncarrier initiative, including free international texting to 35 countries.

But Cricket’s pricing might be confusing for some people the way it currently is – there are different base plans and different discounts depending on how many lines there are. Hell, I have a Master’s degree, and I still had to take a moment to figure out how much I’d be paying with multiple lines.

Here’s another way to look at Cricket’s pricing, so that it’s much easier to understand how much you’d pay each month if you decide to switch. This is based on the entry-level smartphone plan.

  • First line: $40 ($10 cheaper than T-Mobile)
  • Second line: add $30 (same as T-Mobile)
  • Third line: add $20 ($10 higher than T-Mobile)
  • Fourth and fifth lines: add $10 each (same as T-Mobile)

All of these lines include unlimited talk and text, and 500MB of data (about 500MB less than T-Mobile). You have the option to pay $10 to bring your data up to 2.5GB (0.5GB less than T-Mobile), or $20 to bring your data up to 5GB (same as T-Mobile). Like T-Mobile, none of the plans include data overages, but instead will throttle you after you reach your high speed allotment. Unlike T-Mobile, Cricket includes all taxes and fees in the base plans, so what you see is what you pay.

With this info, it’s much easier to make a more direct comparison between T-Mobile and Cricket – and it’s easier to see that Cricket is now even more competitive, as well.

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