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Breett 10,000mAh Power Bank review

The Breett 10,000mAh Power Bank clocks in at the second largest capacity portable power supply I’ve ever used and wins hands-down the lowest mAh per dollar award with the current pricing at Amazon.

Breett 10,000mAh size in handPricewise there’s no beating this on a dollar per mAh ratio on anything that we’ve reviewed. After using this extensively the past few days I’ve had a chance to know, love, and hate aspects of it.

The TL;DR version of this review is it’s a pretty good charger for the money that most people won’t have any issue with. If you’ve used some more featured chargers in the past, you’re going to find this underwhelming.

Breett 10,000mAh overview

Breett 10,000mAh charger specs - also scratch the "smart rate output" as that's incorrect, and also a term not universalWe’ll start with the love. 10,000 mAh is enough juice to power the average smartphone from completely dead to completely full over four times. The thing is relatively light (less than a pound,) will fit in a pocket (by itself, not much room left) and can charge at rates up to 2.1 amps which covers most tablets, and will charge most to nearly full.

The construction of the case is adequate, and the unit I received seemed on the surface to be what most would want in a charger.

Breett 10,000mAh drawbacks

I’ll preface this section with the drawbacks are relatively minor, and may not bother you. These are things I’ve come to like about other chargers that I found that this doesn’t do. This charger makes up for a lot of what I consider the downsides by being very inexpensive.

Breett 10,000mAh sideFirst off on my annoyance list is power-button on. I’ve used so many chargers where you just plug the cable in and go for it that when I run across one that requires the use of a power button, I find that I’m not charging because I’ve forgotten.

Next is lack of pass-through charging. Most of my chargers support this, and I’ve found it to be invaluable to plug my wall charger into a portable charger, and then my portable charger into the phone. You always have a full rechargeable, and if you’re recharging something that uses 2.1A and you’re connected to a 1A wall socket, you can push a full charge until you drain the recharger.

My wife has one of our chargers hooked to her power outlet in the car, it only draws power when it needs it, and any time she needs juice for her phone it’s there. With the Breett you’ve got a dead end charger. It’s surmountable, but it’s nice to be able to place a charger somewhere and forget about it until you need it.

Breett 10,000mAh portsWhile the Breet 10,000mAh has two ports for charging, a 1amp and a 2.1amp, the maximum listed output on Amazon is 2.1amps, meaning you can charge two 1amp phones or one 2.1amp tablet, but not a tablet and a phone. I’ll point out I’m going by published specs on this one as I didn’t have my tablet around.

At 10,000mAh of capacity I would expect that you would be able to charge the device at 2.1amp to put the charge times in the five hour range; however, the listed input is 1amp, which takes over 11 hours for a full charge.

When plugging into half of my arsenal of devices I get a warning that I’m not charging as fast as possible. Whatever the chips are in the Breett tend to cause my phones to recognize that it should only charge at a reduced rate, what I’ve considered to be computer-USB charging rates. I was using a bad cable, this was not their fault it was mine.

What’s in the box?

Breett 10,000mAh packagingBreett 10,000mAh packaging

10,000mAh charger, USB to microUSB cable, instructions.


For power hungry devices this will keep you going for a couple of days. For slightly less ravenous devices, you can probably stretch a work week’s worth of charging out of the device.

It’s not my favorite charger in the world, but the price is right even so.

The Breett 10,000mAh Power Bank is currently available for $19.99 from Amazon.


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