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HTC One M8 Sweep to Sleep Module: Screen off w/o power button

Roottools for the Sweep to Sleep pieceOne of the things the HTC One M8 got really right was the ability to double tap the screen to wake the phone up while in portrait mode. Unfortunately, HTC left out similar functionality to turn the screen off. Developer Flar2 managed to fix that with a Sweep to Sleep module that works on most rooted HTC One M8s running Sense.

The Sweep to Sleep module is pretty simple, you just sweep from right to left over the bottom of the screen (navbar area), and the screen goes off. You can double tap again later to turn on, assuming that option works on your phone currently. You can spend weeks without ever having to press the power button.

While there is not sweep to wake functionality built into the module, you may notice that sweeping from left to right when your One M8’s display is off will wake the phone up. That’s built into Sense now, so no need for that functionality in the module.

Sweep to Sleep install

There’s not much to installing this module. Be sure to make a nandroid backup before you install, just in case something doesn’t play well with your phone. Or live on the edge and install and hope that the ADB uninstall instructions will work properly if something goes wrong (they probably will, I just want you in the habit of making nandroid backups in case something goes wrong).

I will point out that after boot number one, I got a strange warning that my phone couldn’t connect to the cell tower’s data connection. A reboot later and that was gone. My assumption is this is a random occurrence with my tower and setup, and not this kernel module; however, if anyone has the same issue: don’t panic, just reboot. Also let us know here.

While the module is not a game changer, it’s nice to be able to turn your display off with just a sweep on the screen rather than repositioning the phone and pressing the button. It’ll also save wear and tear on the power button, which I’ve never had an issue with but a lot of our readers seem to have had issues with on other devices.

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