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Jishnu’s Camera: better color reproduction on rooted HTC One M8

Snapshot of the stock camera

Jishnu’s Camera is a replacement camera for the stock Sense version that shipped with the HTC One M8. The main features it claims are better color reproduction, higher quality images, and the removal of hardcoded bitrates for video.

Additionally, there are variable bitrate options for video that change based on lighting conditions, which means a bump up in quality and sometimes a savings in space.

As a colorblind fellow, I really can’t speak to the color reproduction of the images, but you can see it for yourself here. The image quality appears significantly better on the comparison shots, but since the comparison shots were not taken at exactly the same time, you can’t be completely certain. Here’s a good one to show the upped quality of an image.

The sound quality has also been improved from 156kbps to 192kbps for clearer and louder sound in recordings, which is great for capturing a concert but does come at the cost of making your audio tracks about 23% larger.

The usual warnings apply for installing this – be sure to make a nandroid backup of your current ROM. If the camera doesn’t work when you come back up after flashing, you’re going to need that or a stock flashable camera to get back up and running.

If you’ve got an old backup, you can attempt to extract the camera apk and reinstall it, or you might be able to recover with Titanium Backup, but stock camera apks are not exactly floating around.

There are also some notes in the first few pages that this may only work on a deodexed ROM, so make sure to check what you’re installing on (most custom ROMs are deodexed), before you get all flash happy.

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