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Seidio DILEX with metal kickstand for the HTC One M8 review

The Seidio DILEX case for the HTC One M8 is a two part case that offers your standard drop and scratch protection and adds in additional corner and structural protection with Seidio’s exoskeleton design.

Seidio DILEX HTC One M8 case review(And on a side note, there’s still a chance you could win one of these for free, so go enter if you haven’t already!)

The case comes with a magnetic metal kickstand that pops out for when you want to watch or interact with something in portrait mode. When the kickstand is retracted, there’s very little that will accidentally pop it back out. Unfortunately, the kickstand is placed so that it’s only useful in portrait mode, and folds up when you try to use it in landscape.

The case has the side effect of removing almost all of the design cues from your HTC One M8, however it doesn’t hinder the operation or add too much bulk to the device. It ends up flattening the back, except for the kickstand area which will cause the bottom of the phone to be raised slightly when placed on a flat surface.

The IR blaster appears blocked. I was wrong on this in my last case review due to a blockage on the TV side, but this time SEIDIO specifically mentions that it does not support the IR port on their product page, and I tested with case on and off. So unless I’m missing something, if you use this case you’re not going to be able to use the IR blaster for anything.

Getting the case on and off is pretty simple, and it’s made of material that doesn’t grab at it, so sliding it in and out of your pocket should be pretty easy. It does make a big phone bigger though, so keep that in mind when case planning.

Seidio DILEX HTC One M8 case review Seidio DILEX HTC One M8 case review Seidio DILEX HTC One M8 case review Seidio DILEX HTC One M8 case review Seidio DILEX HTC One M8 case review Seidio DILEX HTC One M8 case review

It’s got a nice textured back side edge which will let you know when putting your hand in your pocket which side is coming out. It’s not particularly useful for the grip, except when you’re taking pictures or videos. Those are the only times those bumps seem to come into play in normal use.

Overall I like this case. Of the Seidio cases for the One M8 I’ve reviewed so far (Seidio SURFACE, Seidio LEDGER,) this one is by far my favorite offering for the HTC One M8.

The Seidio DILEX is available and retails for $34.95 at Seidio Online, or you can pick it up for a little less at Amazon.

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