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T-Mobile provides free MLB At Bat 2014 access to all mobile subscribers


T-Mobile has done all of its mobile subscribers who also happen to be Major League Baseball fans a nice favor. As part of a multi-year deal with the MLB, T-Mobile is offering a full season subscription to the MLB At Bat 2014 application for Android and iOS. The app provides a number of features, including access to the radio feeds for all live games, as well as video access for the MLB TV free game of the day.

As a baseball fan myself, I considered purchasing the $19.99 subscription to the application, mostly in order to have access to the radio feeds through the internet while travelling. I was actually surprised to find that when I tried to access the paid portion of the app while on T-Mobile’s network, a message displayed offering a completely free subscription for the year.

Though a welcome surprise, I found it odd that the promotion wasn’t publicized more, and for lack of knowledge I nearly purchased the subscription before finding out it was free. The reason for this is that when attempting to access the premium MLB At Bat features through WiFi, there is naturally no indication of the T-Mobile promotion, and on the online purchase page, there is also currently no mention of T-Mobile’s free offer. The only clear way to redeem the offer is to be on T-Mobile’s data network and try to access the paid portions of the MLB At Bat app.

Perhaps that makes this is more of a deal than a promotion, because it certainly hasn’t been promoted much by T-Mobile or the MLB. This is the primary reason that I elected to write about the offer, in the hopes that the information might save some MLB customers $20. Still, it is always quite nice to get an unexpected benefit from being a T-Mobile customer, even if promotions like this one aren’t completely original. I’m sure most customers will be more excited about Voice Over LTE rollouts, but for baseball fans this is certainly a welcome offering.

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