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HTC promises Android L HTC One updates 90 days later

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HTC Canada tweeted a few minutes ago that when the upcoming Android L software is released, users of the HTC One family of devices will be able to enjoy the update within 90 days of final code release from Google. This assumes of course the carriers play along with certification, which they probably will.

That announcement should come as a relief to anyone who’s plunked down several hundred dollars on the current HTC flagship of devices. However, HTC hasn’t exactly bothered to keep their well publicized and advertised promises in the past, as anyone with an HTC EVO 4G LTE waiting for the Android 4.3 update since October of last year can attest. We’re probably never seeing that one, but the One family will probably see this.

Android L will be one of the most significant looking updates that Android has seen, with application and notification overhauls left and right. Android L will also be able to support 64-bit architecture, which means we can start claiming it is the end times and everything is horrible, much like when Windows moved up from 32-bit. I kid, it’s a good thing.

The update from Google promises the standard “Daft Punk” list – harder, faster, better, stronger. Until that update is in the hands of HTC there’s not much that can be speculated about what they’ll do with it except slap Sense 6.x on it, throw the Google camera software away, and put their ImageSense-chip using camera in.

Android L includes a lot of features that remind me of HTC and Samsung’s flagship featureset, so chances are there won’t be a huge need to upgrade as fast as you can, but the prospects of better battery life and a set of Google products without so many bugs is something that appeals greatly.

While 90 days may seem a pretty quick turnaround in terms of corporate support, I’d be surprised if the root world doesn’t manage to have a stable working ROM within two weeks.

Good job though HTC! Please don’t forget about the other promises you made though. A company’s only as good as its word.

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