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Android L Launcher, Apps, Keyboard, etc available for root users

Lemon DropThe Android L launcher, several apps, keyboard, wallpaper, fonts, Play Services 5, ringtones and alarms, boot animations, and several other things have been ripped from the developer preview source and are now available for root users to attempt to incorporate into their pre-Android L ROMs.

Whether they’ll work for your particular setup is anyone’s guess, so go ahead and make a nandroid backup before attempting to install and of these goodies.

The Android L Keyboard is available for root and non-root. I’m not sure if the one they have linked is the same one that’s in the Play Store now, but they’ve included one.

Non-root users can also probably get away with installing a few of the other non-flashable items, but as for what is available and what works that’s anyone’s guess.

There’s also a link to a new Chrome browser, but there’s not evidently any obvious difference visible.

The list of working Android L apps as of this writing include Android L versions of Google Home, Google Now, Android Keyboard, stock camera, YouTube, Play Music, Play Services 5, Search, Sound Search, Gmail, Clock, Chrome, Google Earth. The not working item list is only the calculator as 4.x devices can’t count to L yet.

There’s also a complete system dump of Android L from the Nexus 5 stock developer preview, so if you have any interest in extracting anything, there’s your source.

It should be noted that some of the applications here are going to require that Google Play Services 5 be installed, so if you’re stuck trying to get something to work make sure to get that in and operational first.

It should also be noted that all the files are currently hosted on, which doesn’t seem to like any browser I’ve thrown at it today. My guess is they’re overloaded or a hoard of black sheep have taken out their ethernet cable. Of course after I wrote this a download that was initializing for four minutes finally started. So be aware, it can be slow.

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