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ASUS employee calls me “fool” on social media and says men impersonated women on phone

ASUS Facebook screenshot

Remember the ASUS debacle I told you about last week? You know, the one in which I had to call six times in order to get the RMA process started for a defective router, in which I was accused of having damaged the router myself after holding down the reset button too long, and in which it was implied that two of my laptops were broken because they couldn’t connected to the router – even though they could connect to my old, cheap Belkin just fine?

Well, I finally got the RMA  email that I had been promised (after waiting for a couple days, and after ASUS implied that my Gmail account was improperly set up to not receive email). I also got a free shipping label, after complaining that I had endured too much abuse to be expected to pay for shipping myself.

So the RMA process has started, and all should be well … right?

This should be the end of the story, but unfortunately for ASUS, it looks like a current or former employee of the company happened upon our post on Facebook about the incident. This person shared it directly from Pocketables’ wall, and due to his privacy settings, I was able to view his post – and the comments below.

The third comment, from a current ASUS employee, calls me a fool, and also says that some of the people who talked to me on the phone (males) were impersonating women. This leads me to believe that the incompetence I experienced on the phone wasn’t actually accidental, but was for their amusement, at my very real expense.

You would think that employees who work in IT would know to be careful about what they share on Facebook, especially if their privacy settings are lax. You would also think that IT employees would know not to make fun of a tech blogger on social media, because I have the power to share this with a very wide audience, and make ASUS look really bad. Duh.

Oh, well. Who wants to help make this go viral?

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