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Dirty Unicorns 7.7 Android 4.4.4 for the HTC EVO 4G LTE

Dirty Unicorns 7.7

Dirty Unicorns v 7.7 for the HTC EVO 4G LTE has been released bringing it up to Android 4.4.4 and a feature list that’s absurd.

The latest version of Dirty Unicorns is for the Android 4.3-partition layout, so if you haven’t updated to the still-not-released-by-HTC Android 4.3 RUU, you’ll be facing a series of bootloops. If you don’t know if you’ve updated to the new partition layout, you haven’t.

The ROM features include Halo, network speed indicators in status bar, a download center for Gapps/XPosed/etc., the ability to force expanded notifications, disable FC notifications like iOS, ability to update the hosts/enable an ad blocker on the fly, app ops, hardware key remap, a driving mode, system app remover, suspend and wakelock actions, OmniSwitch, Gesture Anywhere, SlimROM based recents, and a blacklist for calls and SMS.

You’ll need a recovery that’s capable of KitKat-level SELinux flashing (anything in the past few months should do it,) and a few minutes to flash and download the GApps package if you’re going to use that instead of the built-in version.

As the question always seems to be “how’s the data,” as there were some flaky connectivity issues a few versions back, I can’t answer any more as my EVO isn’t live to the world. I can say that I don’t see anyone complaining about data connectivity in the last few pages of the development thread.

If you’re looking at taking a ride on the Dirty Unicorn, make sure to make a nandroid backup, test the download to make sure the zip isn’t corrupt, and flash away. Let us know how it works for you as I’m not as active day to day on my EVO as I used to be (it’s been a damn fine media server, game station, and baby music player for the past couple of months.)

Happy flashing!

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