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Kernel Tuner gets overhaul for 2014 with new beta

Kernel Tuner 2014 betaKernel Tuner, an app originally written for the HTC EVO 3D and then widely adopted among HTC users, has been torn down and given a shiny new finish for 2014.

As of this writing, it’s still in the beta phase, so there are bound to be some bugs you’ll want to report if you know what you’re doing. Something to consider though for the average root user is do you want to beta test something that can potentially overclock your CPU or GPU to death? If so, read on.

Kernel Tuner allows you to set scads of options to get under the hood of your phone and edit CPU, GPU, and governor settings. On supported kernels you can adjust voltage, mp-decision, and thermald settings, if I’m not mistaken.

Kernel Tuner requires a kernel that will take direction to do some of the features. For instance, you can’t overclock a non-overclockable kernel, or change voltages on one that doesn’t work with voltage tables.  So if you’re running a stock kernel you’re going to be a little bit limited in what you’re able to accomplish.

During the EVO days, using kernel tuner and several tweaks users managed to either extend their battery lives to absurd runtimes, or blow it all in an hour playing a game at full tilt.

What you do with Kernel Tuner is entirely in your hands – there doesn’t appear to be a best settings for your device mode yet, but maybe that’s something the developer is open to. Who knows?

Give it a try, although you should probably go ahead and make a nandroid backup before using it just in case you overclock your phone to infinity and have to restore back to a working ROM. You can grab Kernel Tuner 2014 beta from xda development thread (linked below), as the Play Store version is the old one until this exits out of beta.

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