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myCharge Transit Plus review

The myCharge Transit Plus is a portable cell phone or tablet charger that you can recharge in your car via built-in car power adapter, or anywhere with a standard US style power outlet.

myCharge Transit Plus

It delivers up to 1 amp alone, or 2.4amps when plugged into a wall or car outlet. This is a rather important factor to note that it’s only a good 2.4amp tablet charger when there’s another power supply available. So for most this is not a particularly useful tablet charger; however, if you’re needing a tablet charger and a portable phone charger and looking to save space this thing is quite useful.

The ability to charge the Transit Plus from most available traveling power sources makes up in large part for the limited battery capacity. The ability to slap the charger on a wall and walk away for a bit and have a completely full recharger battery is a lot more useful than you might imagine. I learned that with the MyCharge Hub over and over again.

Unfortunately, the charger doesn’t have built-in cables for charging, nor does it come with any, so you will be carrying around a charger cable with you in addition to this. Not so much a problem in a car, but if you’re headed into a meeting you’re going to be carrying a phone, cable, recharger battery, etc.

The great thing about this is you can put it in your car and charge off the vehicle while it’s on and when you get to your destination you’re at least a little further along to a charged device.

The size and the foldable power input options mean you can pocket the Transit Plus and not have to answer the question, “Is that a huge gangly charger in your pants, or a banana?”

myCharge Transit PlusmyCharge Transit PlusmyCharge Transit PlusmyCharge Transit Plus

The myCharge Transit Plus is probably aimed at the person who’s on the go enough to lose a charge, but not particularly the person who has a bunch of friends with dead cell phones at 5:00 p.m. There’s only one output, and it’s only capable of delivering 1amp unless you plug in so there is a bit of a limit here.

The build of it seems solid, it’s a good portable cell phone charger, not particularly a good portable tablet charger, but it will do the job given either time or another power source.

Overall I like it, there are some things the manufacturer could have done better to be the best charger ever (included cables, multiple outputs so a friend can charge, higher built-in capacity and output, ability to charge the Transit Plus off of a computer), but for what it is it’s a really nice product.

myCharge Transit PlusmyCharge Transit PlusmyCharge Transit PlusmyCharge Transit Plus

At an MSRP of nearly $70, it’s a charger that requires questioning if it’s the perfect fit for you. If it is, it’s probably worth it to not be with a dead cell phone all the time. I’d hope for it to be around half of where it’s at pricewise in a few months.

The myCharge Transit Plus is available from Amazon for $64.99.

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