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OK Google update allows correcting misheard words

Google doesn't understand meIf you’ve started using the OK Google functionality more due to the OK Google anywhere functionality that rolled out to the US last week, you may be becoming increasingly frustrated at having to repeat a long voice command because Google’s voice recognition misheard words. Well now there’s a fix for that. Supposedly.

Let’s say you said, “OK Google, where can I find beaches within 20 miles of me,” and it heard something quite different like “peaches.” You can follow up with an “OK Google, no I said beaches,” and the search should be updated the search based on the word it misheard.

As Google seems to purposely misunderstand everything I say, I haven’t been able to accurately fool it into mishearing what I want it to mishear.

I’m pretty sure that every time I correct it it mishears me even more as I can no longer get it to recognize “peaches.” Perhaps it’s finally on the road to accurate voice training.

As Android Authority points out, it’s not a big deal in single word searches, but if it’s at the end of long search phrase it could be pretty useful.

Or you could never be able to search for “peaches,” in polite company again like I evidently am.

I think the “no I said,” functionality needs to be added on to include the word you didn’t say for clarification, such as “no I said peaches, not beaches,” but the functionality is not currently listed in the OK Google command list, so perhaps that’ll be later.

Or maybe this has been there for a while and it just got noticed.

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