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Tip: Use Google Now to “occasionally” remind you of something


If you’re anything like me, you probably use Google Now all the time. From getting the weather, to setting alarms, to sending texts and starting phone calls – I even use it to schedule time-based and location-based reminders for myself, since my memory isn’t what it used to be. But what about Google Now reminding you to do something … occasionally?

That’s exactly what Google has added in the latest Google Now update. If you choose this new “occasional” option, your reminder will stay at the top of all your reminder cards and give you options to dismiss it or set a specific schedule for it. If you just want to keep being reminded every so often, Google will do that too!

Unfortunately, it’s unclear how often “occasionally” really is, and there isn’t any setting yet to choose whether you want to be reminder every few days, every few weeks, or somewhere in between. (Hopefully, Google will add this functionality in the future.)

Of course, the nice thing about this is that occasional tasks are not bound by certain times or places. While I currently use Google Keep like this, I may give this a try, too, since Keep doesn’t integrate too nicely with Google Now quite yet.

What will you use the “occasional” feature for?

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