Update: My ASUS router saga is finally over


Remember all the trouble I’ve been having with my ASUS router – and with getting ASUS to honor its warranty? (In case you missed it, you can read all about how I had to call ASUS a total of six times and waste countless hours on the phone before the company even agreed to let me send my defective router back to them for repair – only to be called a fool by an ASUS employee on social media afterwards.)

It finally looks like my saga is over.

My router first died on June 27, and today is July 29. In other words, I’ve had to go without my wireless router for over a month, deal with several inept (dare I say abusive) employees, and endure the slowest shipping speeds I’ve ever experienced in my entire life. (I’m not kidding – ASUS uses the absolute slowest FedEx shipping speeds it can to save money. My router spent a total of 25 days in transit, and only two days at the ASUS repair center. Kudos to the repair techs who were speedy at fixing my problem, but shame on ASUS for making me wait so long – and not even providing me with a FedEx tracking number, so I knew when to expect the delivery at home.)

Overall, my experience dealing with ASUS warranty support has been painful, to say the least. I am happy that I have a working router again, but this entire experience makes me seriously question whether or not I want to give ASUS my business again in the future. And I haven’t even gotten an apology from ASUS, even though I reached out to its corporate PR channels several times to try and make things right.

Do you have any ASUS horror stories? I’ve already heard some from you, but I know there are more. Share them below!

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